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The woman should lie down using a pillow for head support. The man should get on top of her with his genitals facing her mouth. She should provide fellatio and caress his genitals with her hands...

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There are many couples out there that are bored of the same old song and dance. They have tried the missionary position and the woman on top and are craving something even more different and exciting. While some have moved to positions that are acrobatic, others are looking for positions that are more exotic and romantic. Some couples have left western philosophies and moved over to the Kama Sutra to add variety. Regardless if they are acrobatic or just different, new positions add variety and provide couples with new sensations resulting from different angles of penetration. In order to get these positions “to work”, verbal communication is required. Be prepared to have fun, laugh, and enjoy as you try some new positions. Make sure you watch out, because some may not be as comfortable or as easy as you think!

Acrobatic Positions
These positions are seen to be more fun than sexual. Almost all of these positions are illustrated without real models, because they are next to impossible to do unless you are flexible and double jointed in 18 different places! Acrobatic positions require a lot of skill and flexibility in order to achieve them, it gets interesting as you try to maneuver around with your partner. Unfortunately, there is usually no sexual pleasure during intercourse with these positions. That is, it is more of a game to see if you can get your penis into her vagina, than to achieve any level of pleasure.

Erotic Positions
These positions vary from the acrobatic because of the fact that they are possible to do and the male, the female, or both parties get some sexual satisfaction out of the position. Some erotic positions include maneuvering legs, the body, or the way the couple is situated during sex. Because of the awkward positioning, and the chance that the penis will slip out, you may not get as much sexual satisfaction as you are used to with other positions.

Kama Sutra Positions
The Kama Sutra is an ancient sex manual that provides you with several new and exotic sexual positions. There are many positions listed that are designed to stimulate a woman’s G-Spot as well as other positions for male pleasure. Visit our online guide for more information on the Kama Sutra.

Change of Location
Sometimes sex doesn’t need a different position, it only needs a change in scenery. To avoid the monotonous life of sex in the bedroom, visit our ABC’s of sex locations.

Sex Toys
If you are looking to make things even more interesting, you can purchase either a butt plug or a vibrator and have the female engage in double penetration. If you are using the butt plug, insert it into the anus and have your penis penetrate the vagina. If you want to use the vibrator, insert the vibrator into her vagina while you perform anal sex on her.

Here are some Erotic Positions that you can try:

  • She Bangs
    “ Finally one where us ladies are in control!! Have your man lie on his back and lift his knees toward his chest. Facing him, you kneel or squat down and straddle his legs so your thighs are hugging his. Lower yourself onto his penis -- the closer he draws his knees to his chest, the better access you'll have to his man tool. If Kneeling, rock back and forth with your hips. If Squatting, bend at your knees and move yourself up and down.” - Jasmine, 21

  • Zero Gravity
    “It looks harder than it is. Here's how you do it. You lie flat, and supporting your lower back with your hands, lift your legs and backside way, way up so they're nearly perpendicular to the ground. Next, have your man kneel before you, rest your ankles on one of his shoulders and steady your hips with his hands. Hold his thighs for leverage and adjust so your genitals can join for some otherworldly upside-down action.” - Brooke, 26

  • Super Hero’s Delight
    “Just the sight of my baby's backside makes me cream. It's extremely arousing!
    Although this position requires flexibility on her part, it's not particularly difficult. The woman rests her arms on the chair or table. The man lifts and supports her while she wraps her legs around his back.”- Bailey, 27


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