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The woman lies on the couch keeping one leg down on the floor. The man should kneel and place one of his legs on the couch by her side. She can put a leg over his shoulder...

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Rear Entry & Sitting

Sex Positions: Rear Entry
The rear entry position is a favorite for both sexes and allows for both vaginal entry and anal entry. The beauty of this position is that both men and women enjoy it. Men love the power and control they have from this position while women love the sensations when they are being penetrated from behind.

Many men and women enjoy being rough penetrating from behind. In this primal position, some men enjoy pulling on their partnerís hair or like to engage in some light to heavy spanking. Many women also enjoy the rough play and like it when you pull their hair, run your nails down their back, or even spank their ass while you are penetrating from behind.

Through vaginal sex you can make this position better by placing the pad of a finger or thumb against the anus or even insert a finger into the rectum. During sex, the male should feel free to let his hands wander and play since they have access to many of the femaleís erogenous zones.

There are two main factors that you must look at when engaged in this position:

  • Since men love taking her from behind, they seem to loose control faster and orgasm quicker.
  • Secondly, men who are larger can hurt the female by hitting their cervix.
In order to vary this position, the female can adjust their legs and how they are bent over. You can also have the female lean over a bed, on the floor, over a chair, or in front of a mirror.

Benefits for Males

  • The male can provide extra stimulation through the use of his hands
  • Hands are free to touch and explore
  • Men have the control and can enjoy the thrusting
  • Men can inflict some pain by grabbing hair or running their nails across her back
Benefits for Females
  • Easily hit the g-spot
  • Extra stimulation can be put on the clitoris.
  • Deep penetration for women
  • Enjoy the thrusting and the two bodies hitting each other
Benefits for Both
  • Very erotic and primal
  • Both can enjoy the pleasures
Sample Positions

The G-Spot Jiggy
Doggy-style penetration allows his penis to precisely hit my G-spot. I can only have those great, tingling G-spot orgasms from the doggy position. I also love the way his testicles hit my clit when we're doing this.
- Jasmine, 21

Supported Doggie Stretch
The man controls the depth, tempo and angle here. This position lets you give it to her anyway you want.
- Kyle, 30

Lock and Pose<br> Lie on top of her with both of you facing in the same direction, your chest glued to her back and your arms over hers. Open her legs so you can kneel between them and enter her from behind. Now pump away!
- Carlos, 22

Sex Positions: Sitting
This position has the man on the bottom, either sitting down on a chair or on a sofa. It is very similar to the woman on top position but both the male and the female are sitting upright. Furthermore, the female has a more active role when she is on top because she can control the depth of penetration and the tempo.

Variations will depend on the female and how she wants to angle herself. She can move towards him or lean away from him. Further change can be made by either opposing him or facing him.

Benefits for Males

  • The female does most of the work so he can lean back and enjoy
  • Hands are free to touch and explore
Benefits for Females
  • The female is in control of the speed and the angles of penetration
  • The female can enjoy sex by controlling the depth
  • The female can stimulate herself when on top.
Benefits for Both
  • Promotes intimacy when they are facing each other
  • With both bodies close, the couples can build an intimate connection
  • It allows for eye contact when facing each other
Sample Positions

The Slinky
This is a good warm-up to all night sex. Start off slow and go from there.
- Samantha, 33

Rainbow Arch
You start off riding him while sitting upright. Grab onto his arms and slowly lean back. You'll notice an amazing sensation while he thrusts against your front vaginal wall. Hard to do, but worth the try!!
- Brooke, 26

The Rocking Chair
One of the best positions I have experienced.
- Techlemon, 32


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