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Sex furniture has recently entered the marketplace which introduces new and different positions that were not possible in the past. The following pieces of sex furniture introduce variety, help women orgasm faster, and increase stimulation for both males and females.

Bungee Sexperience Swing (Cords Unlimited, Inc.)
The Bungee Sexperience Swing is one of the most well known pieces of sex furniture and has been featured on E Entertainment, Playboy, and HBO Real Sex. This swing has also won many awards including: Best Invention Of the Americas, Outstanding Achievement 2001, and Bronze Medal, World Genius Convention, Tokyo, 2001. Not only does this love swing allow for hundreds of combinations of sex positions, it is also can be used to introduce variety when it comes to oral sex positions. Many couples claim that during sex they feel weightless which increases their sexual experience. The swing is fully adjustable, padded with back and butt support, and can hold up to 240 lbs. Installation is easy and it arrives at your home almost 100% assembled. If you are looking for fun, creativity, and spontaneity, then this is the furniture of choice.

Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear (One Up Innovations)
Liberator Shapes are revolutionary sex accessories that are made out of Urethane foam and can be stacked together to allow for numerous sex positions. There are four basic shapes, the cube, the ramp, the stage, and the wedge. These units are very well designed and come with a soft velvet cover for regular play and a waterproof cover for fun foreplay.

During sex, these liberators angle the pelvis of the male so that when the woman is on top the males penis stimulates the G-Spot. A female who is using the wedge can also angle her pelvis for deeper penetration when the male is on top. When you start combining all four of the shapes, sex gets mighty interesting. A booklet of 34 positions comes with every purchase providing you with different techniques and approaches to intercourse. The best thing about Liberator Shapes is the fun that is introduced when you put the shapes together.

Love Rocker (Effortless Ease Inc.)
The love rocker is a unique and innovative sex swing that allows your hands to explore each others bodies during sex. The love rocker can hold up to 500 lbs of weight and when fully assembled is 35 inches wide by 60 inches long. It can be disassembled for easy storage or transportation. This piece of furniture is part swing and part chair and was designed for both the male and the female. The rocking motion of the swing makes it easier for men by allowing them to have sex by using the rocking motion instead of having to thrust, therefore increasing stamina. For the female, it can be adjusted for better penetration.

The Fun Lounger (Jagar Designs)
This is innocent looking in appearance but it adds an extra dimension when it comes to sex. This stylish piece of furniture allows you to make sex interesting and fun. The Fun Lounger is made of sturdy metal tubing and comes with a black vinyl seating or hard wood slats. You can adjust the Fun Lounger by adding a leg rest extension, height adjustments, and foam pads for extra comfort. When designing the Fun Lounger, they have looked at the classic six positions: man on top, woman on top, rear entry, side by side, cunnilingus, and fellatio and made it an easier and better sexual practice.

Bondage Furniture - Chair of Oral Pleasures
Here you have a piece of furniture that has straps to hold down your slave as he or she sits down with his or her legs spread. This chair was develop with three different positions and has both the giver and receiver in mind. This chair is designed so the receiver is comfortable and the giver wont experience any neck problems, back problems, or cramps.

Bondage Furniture - Standing Cross
The standing cross is set up so you can lock your slave into it without having them squirm. This item is made from sturdy wood and has 8 different straps to hold your partner down for more fun. A variation of the standing cross is the cross chair which is a mix of the chair of oral pleasures and the standing cross.

When looking at furniture there are many things you must look at. Safety should be the foremost concern for both partners and if the item is not safe or not well put together, than it is not worth your time to buy. The second thing that you have to look at is the fun involved. If you are looking for fun there are two items out there that you cannot ignore: Bungee Sexperience Swing (Cords Unlimited, Inc.) and Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear (One Up Innovations). Not only do these two items promote wild sex positions, but they also introduce spontaneity and playfulness. For those who are looking to start or add to their BDSM dungeon, the Chair of Oral Pleasures and the Standing Cross are a must.


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