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Man on Top
Woman on Top
Rear Entry
Side by Side
Oral Sex
Standing Sex

Back Embrace

The woman should lie down on one side giving support to her head with one hand. The man lies down behind her and takes her in his arms. He should grab one of her legs and raise it up...

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Men's Forte Sex Positions

Wild Horse

Firmly planted in the vaginal opening, the man leans over to one side. He leans either on left knee and left palm or on right knee and right palm. The man's position offers him the possibility of performing come-and-go movements as well as circular ones. The woman won't stay passive, but will answer with soft movements of the pelvis, as a response to the ones of the man.

In this position the man provides the woman with an extraordinary massage of her G-spot. Very few women can resist such a stimulation without having a profound orgasm.

The man can insert and withdraw his member as he sees fit, slapping gently her thighs and buttocks.


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